Part of the Mozilla Festival Fringe 2017

Digital Humanities Lab

A one day mixed discipline Internet technology hack-day at the University of Exeter to connect students with the diverse skills and knowledge being applied by those shaping the future of the Internet.

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For venue location see Campus map The Digital Humanities Lab is shown as 90. Please access from the outside (carpark entrance), not through other buildings.

Organised by

Exeter Entrepreneurs and University of Exeter

Supported by

University of Exeter Mozilla Festival GitHub Kaleider AHRC

RS Components   Santander Universities

Creating together

Unlike typical hackathons where teams compete to have the best ideas and race to build a working prototype we’ll be taking a more collaborative approach. Of course there will still be opportunity to show off, if that’s your thing!

To inspire, challenge and critque ideas, and help create prototypes, we’ll be joined by experienced artists, makers and thinkers who work at the interfaces between the Internet and society.

J R Carpenter @jr_carpenter

Juliane Kahl @jukahl

Roop Johnstone @RAMPceramics

Stephen Hodge @stephenhodgex

Clare Bryden @ClareBryden

Emma McFarland @ArtsEMC

Andy Wood @andywoodme

Chris Hunt

Projects include

  • Social wearables

  • Remixed generative poetry

  • Infinitely hackackable IoT

  • Emotion mapping


Internet Health Report

Mozilla is documenting and explaining what’s happening to the health of the Internet. Read more ->

GitHub Student Developer pack

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If you’re taking part, helping spread the word, or just following along, these are the hashtags we’re using.

#MozFest - We’re part of the amazing Mozilla Festival experience

#ExWebHealthHack - Exeter Web Health Hack !

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Special thanks to

Tanguy, Jay, Gary, Adam, Joe, Natalie