Module aims

The aim of this module is to engage with the size, speed, and scope of the historic changes occurring all around us (Schwab, 2016). As such the module is designed to immerse the participants in the ‘world of technology’, in order for them to hone their skills of communication and gain vital perspective on what lies ‘on’ and ‘over’ the horizon.

Module-specific skills

1. 1. How the emerging ‘fourth industrial revolution’ will affect business and society and evaluate the opportunities and risks that are associated with it
2. 2. The emerging technological ecosystem

Discipline-specific skills

3. Communicate and critically analyse the following concepts:
4. History of computing and digital
5. Information science
6. Network theory
7. Innovation in materials (bio and tech)
8. Internet of Things (IoT) and the cloud
9. Robotics and AI
10. Digital manufacturing
11. The blockchain

Personal and key skills

4. Demonstrate effective independent and team study skills
5. Work effectively in a team to produce technical output

Syllabus plan

The technical understanding is built through content and assessment delivered over a six-week period through an online platform. This technical understanding is then put into practise during a four-day living lab challenge. The lab is designed to be a highly experiential learning environment with the teams having access to 3D printing, Raspberry Pi’s, robotics, and recording equipment. These two phases of the module will allow participants to increase both their technical and business vocabulary regarding the emerging fourth industrial revolution.

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